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We are an exciting mostly dsylexic :P group of young artists surported by Plymouth Arts Centre. Ideas buzz at our meetings which we have every week to bring our skills and techniques together. x



hey guys ive decided that this is another good place to advertise, check it out will you, just go along to the facebook page and ull be all groovy, just remember to become a member and invite as many ppl as possible........

so come along and see it, and when the time is right........come to the event.....


love you ppl....... xxxxxxxx
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So a little thing........


i am not supose to have this on my head at christmas time............in fact one thing i need is a hug........

you know i have a friend that gives out free hugs, he even carries the sign about town with him.......might see him tonight, try and get a hug then........

anyway, recently ive felt like i havnt realy had much to do, ive had and essay to rite, but its done, ive had an assessment but its done, ive had nothing else to do apart from going to the Arts Center and doing whatever it is i do there, im kinda bored, i really dont know why, i just am, i feel like my life is just getting so boring and that something needs to happen to change it. i want to get into the xmas spirit but i cant i dont know why, perhaps its because i havnt yet done anything christmassy,

you know last year i spent xmas on my own, i had friends around me, who i actually rarely speak to anymore, i had presents to open, but i did in the end spend at least 6 hours on xmas day on my own, it wasnt a nice feeling, but never the less this time last year i was in the christmas spirit very much so, ask anybody, this time last year i was sat with Marc, Alex and a iMac, playing christmas songs and putting up xmas decorations, in fact i actually think i may have just come up with why i cant get in to the xams spirit, maybe its because i actually havnt done anything like this year because im spending it with a new family, a proper family, who invite everybody round to house and have a massive celebration, ive never been part of a big family celebration like this, in fact the only time i ever got to see my family together is at funerals, so im doing xmas differently this year, maybe it will be fun, maybe ill get so drunk i wont remember it, im looking forward to it, it sounds like it always is a good time..................

who knows maybe santa will join us..........
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Forcefull Blog Antics


I recently received a message threatening that if i didn't post a blog i would have my ankles cut.
Now i am not afraid of any kind of cutting, thats not what im trying to put across here. Because i am never scared..

now on with the non-blog, thats right i aint doing a blog! its just a rambling which cant be classed or read as a blog, just a rambling aaaalright. Well my Bathrooms all fixed now and i am able to get around my flat without moving around the huge De-humidifier that they placed in my flat, Was also gonna dance about topics like a hopping little leprechaun.

..Well i thought about a list of things i liked about Plymouth at Christmas, Trying to get myself into the whole spirit before Three ghost have to come visit me and i need reminding what Christmas would be like without me, anyway on with the list..

I like the Lights in town, well the bottom parts and the royal parade tree's
I like the chilly nights, as an insomniac i go out for late night strolls like a crazy person
I like watching everyone rush through town while i stroll non-challantly through the mall

i suppose you thought i was gonna put alot to this list but truth be told i cant think of anymore right now, my heads a little clouded with the prospect of becoming an uncle. It makes me feel old and wise but mostly old.. i wanna teach it things like how to climb a good tree and that Zelda ocarina of time is the BEST video game of all time! and that Astroboy will have to be Her/His anime watching exsperiance.

Other random things like 'Holy Bible' is the only Manic Street Preachers album you'll ever need
: )

That's all..
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Choral Complaining: Sort of like room 101 the muscial.


Neon blue Christmas lights.
Slow internet connection.
Hitting my leg in EXACTLY the same spot.
Orange flavour mouth wash.
Slow moving vehiacls not pulling over to let traffic through! Damn you farmers!
The stupid flippy bit at the front of my hair that never sits down.
£7 of petrol doesen't even fill a quarter of my tank.
The tube stops running at 12 when clearly, people need it! Three busses taking two hours to get a few miles is not acceptable! Even if you are happly drunk.

Ahhh vent over. EAP have been ranting in a musical form about all our favorite gripes with the Plymouth branch of the international Complaints Choir. We'll be performang the final song at the end of January in Royal William Yard, so get it out of your system and join us in a damn good rant!

For info on all the global choirs: http://www.complaintschoir.org/
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Life and Choirs


I feel really good after all that complaining!

any who, my friend introduced me to James Thierree, he is a clown, mime, its all pretty cool! check it out!

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Gaffiti wall..

Some old Facebook application thing i found.. was prett fun to watch and if i recall pretty fun to draw..

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