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We are an exciting mostly dsylexic :P group of young artists surported by Plymouth Arts Centre. Ideas buzz at our meetings which we have every week to bring our skills and techniques together. x

Forcefull Blog Antics

I recently received a message threatening that if i didn't post a blog i would have my ankles cut.
Now i am not afraid of any kind of cutting, thats not what im trying to put across here. Because i am never scared..

now on with the non-blog, thats right i aint doing a blog! its just a rambling which cant be classed or read as a blog, just a rambling aaaalright. Well my Bathrooms all fixed now and i am able to get around my flat without moving around the huge De-humidifier that they placed in my flat, Was also gonna dance about topics like a hopping little leprechaun.

..Well i thought about a list of things i liked about Plymouth at Christmas, Trying to get myself into the whole spirit before Three ghost have to come visit me and i need reminding what Christmas would be like without me, anyway on with the list..

I like the Lights in town, well the bottom parts and the royal parade tree's
I like the chilly nights, as an insomniac i go out for late night strolls like a crazy person
I like watching everyone rush through town while i stroll non-challantly through the mall

i suppose you thought i was gonna put alot to this list but truth be told i cant think of anymore right now, my heads a little clouded with the prospect of becoming an uncle. It makes me feel old and wise but mostly old.. i wanna teach it things like how to climb a good tree and that Zelda ocarina of time is the BEST video game of all time! and that Astroboy will have to be Her/His anime watching exsperiance.

Other random things like 'Holy Bible' is the only Manic Street Preachers album you'll ever need
: )

That's all..


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