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We are an exciting mostly dsylexic :P group of young artists surported by Plymouth Arts Centre. Ideas buzz at our meetings which we have every week to bring our skills and techniques together. x

On the first day of December..

I awoke hung over and and to the sound of dripping, at first i thougth it was rain.. but then realised the sound was coming from my bathroom.

Water was dripping so annoyingly loud from the ceiling. Yes that right my first blog of this group is gonna be partly about my bathroom ceiling. So i rang those wonderous always tired sounding folks down at Devon and Cornwall, they sent out not a plumber oh no that would be far to easy for them. They sent out a man with a name i dont remember who looked at the ceiling and said

'yeah mate, what you need here is a plumber i dont know why they sent me out'

aparently those ppl are called inspectors.. he was a nice bloke so i made him a cuppa, its rare i get to share tea with strangers so i thought it polite. he was quite a funny guy! had a good few stories about life and how a friend of his was on dragons den. Waited for about an hour or two for the cockney sounding plumber to come along and say he couldn't do anything but stop the water dripping and come back tomorrow and fix the pipe and such.. *sigh*

strangely enough im kinda happy cus the other bloke will come back too and i think i've made a new friend, so tomorrow i'm taking him for a pint down the local : )


Ali said...

Lol, thats some quick friend making right there! Nice work! What did his friend pitch on Dragon's Den?

Karrott said...

yeah you gotta moce fast in these times, i think he said his friend was a guy who made the boiled egg maker thing.. it was a massive cock up if i remember teh episode rightly.

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