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We are an exciting mostly dsylexic :P group of young artists surported by Plymouth Arts Centre. Ideas buzz at our meetings which we have every week to bring our skills and techniques together. x

Brief: Limitations!

This is a 1 evening breif to put your creative minds to the test!
You will all have 1 evening and 1 material to work with. I will provide the 'surprise' material Thursday night so you have NO sneaky head start! You may add your own materials. The dead line is Friday at the private view, ready to display (or not) as our first, and slightly 'crazy' brief.

Think about 'your' work! How 'you' work! Its just a bit of fun to get us going, you never know, it might be the foundations for something even better! You can also write a few words to explane the mini process, ie- a diary/thoughts/article/poem.... to put in your folder and blog, or even sketches?

I hope this is understandable...



Sophie-Pearl said...

Hi Elise, gemma told me everyone was meeting on thursday but i work thursday nights so i can't make this one! so could you email me the surprise item on thursday night so i can still take part..... Thanks

Ali said...


Bethie said...

im very excited about this :)
see you tomorrow guys :)

penciben said...

sorry i havent done mine yet, liverpool is mad, but il do it this week i promice!

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