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We are an exciting mostly dsylexic :P group of young artists surported by Plymouth Arts Centre. Ideas buzz at our meetings which we have every week to bring our skills and techniques together. x

From the River to the Sea

Hey all,

Its getting pretty close to starting the liverpool end of this project, its all rather different and unknown for me; same ideas as iv looked at before in some ways but very different pragmatically, that is working with groups of people, collaborativley and performativley! But that is deffienetly the direction i want to go in, for now at least. Anyway to make this a sucess we need las many people as possible i know iv said this already but pleasePLEASE come along, it should be fun ad a bit different to.

In other news Liverpool is beutiful but rediculusly cold, brrrr nowhere really compares with out good old Plymouth aye?

see you all soon


Ali said...

Pictures please Ben!

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