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I think it was a bored day.....

okay, so this morning i woke up at 5,
yes thats right i was up at 5,
now i know most of you are thinking; Why 5,
well let me tell you guys that i was 5,
because my girlfriend had to get up at 5,

because she started work at 6,
but at i had breakfast at 6,
watching chucklevision at 6,
i had toast, frosties and a crumpet at 6,
then decided FABLE was a game to play at 6,

i played FABLE till about 7,
to get a shower at 7,
to wash myself at 7,
with herbal essences at 7,
and condition also at 7,

i decided to play FABLE from 8,
because there really wasnt alot to do from 8,
so i sat and played FABLE from 8,
got lost in greatwood a few times since 8,
killed alot of bandits, and a boss since 8,

and now ive played FABLE till about 12,
playing an xbox game till 12,
it sounds like a challege but it really isnt, look at the time its 12,
jesus chris ive wasted so much of my time today,
you think i could do it all again..........

i could............

if i think it was a bored day............


Bethie said...

:) cool mikey x

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