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We are an exciting mostly dsylexic :P group of young artists surported by Plymouth Arts Centre. Ideas buzz at our meetings which we have every week to bring our skills and techniques together. x

New Briefs

Yes thats right guys................its my turn to create a brand new brief..........

lets do it this way.........its a brief so lets all bring in some briefs.....i mean underpants, grannypants, thongs, boxershorts, knickers, any type of underwear, new or old..................=D

its abit of a sickly idea, but i was thinking we should make an Underwear Clothesline to be hung up anywhere in the arts center, and then each day/meeting we have we could add something to them e.g. a badge or cut away abit of them?????

kind of an on going BRIEF idea????


Anonymous said...

me and steven, have been talking and he loves this idea!!!

except he doesnt just want it to be the YPAC group he wants us all to do it who are involved i the show, but he wans us tobranch off, go crazy with it, try to make it harder, e.g. take a picture of your least avourite part of your body put it with your underwear, add a picture of when you were a wee tiddlywink, make up a background for the underwear make them come alive, give thm a personality, add bits too your underwear, make them into Boxer shorts with a utility belt, a thong that has a lazer attached to them..............

im going to deeply descuss this with everyone, so still bring yur underwear with you on tuesday but well wait until we get enough tomake the washing line, plus tis will give us all a chance to do something for Control Point exactly like what Steven and Sovay want from us............=D

Bethie said...

love it :)
shake things up a bit :P x

Ali said...


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