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We are an exciting mostly dsylexic :P group of young artists surported by Plymouth Arts Centre. Ideas buzz at our meetings which we have every week to bring our skills and techniques together. x

Hey all you fine E.A.P's! Liverpool is really amazing if cold ad wet! The last coupe of days have really just been spent settling in. Today was a day of wandering around the city, i borrowed a bike of the people im staying with and set off around the city. I visited a few galleries, notebly Tate liverpool and F.A.C.T. Both were ok, nothing mind blowing, but the Tate did have a work fro Francis Alys's 'Seven Walks' project which although iv seen before never stops being interesting, and poeticly simple!

Onto other things though, iv been thinking about what i want to do this week alot and developing the main idea, and I NEED YOUR HELP!

What im interested in is the idea of doing a guillera/almost invisible project. I was interested in this idea of displacement linked to ideas of locational identity (i can explain that in another post!) and the idea of communication between two cities. Both being port towns the mores code seemed the appropriate method. so this is what i want to do:

I plan to oragnise a low-fi Morse code message to go though the city on the eve of my depature. sort of like a flash mob sort of thing. People will (hopefully) be asked to turn up to the studio with a tourch where they will be given a bit of paper with the morse alphabet on it and a point on a map, and a time to go there. the message will then at a specified time start and pass though the city, (my current thinking is to have a message that maps its own journey; each person adds 2-4word describing their point along the route). when the message reaches its final point (i think probly the station i will be leaving from) I will note down the sequence and courier it to plymouth, when i arrive on saturday eve, what i want to do is to send the message through plymouth from near the station to the arts centre where someone can finnaly decode it.

But to do this i need as many people as possible at the plymouth end to carry the message!! please i you can it would be great to make this happen, and fun two, and anyone can be involved all you'l need is a tourch and eyes! if you guys are up for helping or know anyone else who might please let me know asap, as il need to rethink it if thers not enough people.

il keep you posted as things here develop.


Ali said...

We tryed to call you from our group dinner, you didn't awners you poo!

penciben said...

Damn it! im sorry i didnt even get a missed call on my phone ! hope your all well!

Ali said...

yeah it sent me straight to voice mail- thinking abut it now we should of left a freaky message, but alas hind sight is 20,20. May be able to come to your thing- will spread the word.

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